201 Intermediate MSA Level I

201 Arabic Syllabus Overview: This is a general schedule for 201 Arabic. Specific instructions for each week’s assignments will be provided by the course instructor. Book: Al-Kitaab Part II, 3rd Edition Week 1 & 2: Unit 1سكن واستقرار Week 3 & 4: Unit 2: 74-100 عرب في أمريكا Week 5 & 6: Midterm (a take home) Complete unit 2: pp. 95-107 & Unit 3: من البيت إلى pp.110-130 السوق Week 7: Unit 3: pp. 131- 141من البيت إلى السوق Week 8: Final Exam
Spring II
Tue/Thu 6:15pm - 8:15pm
ToBe Determined

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