202 Intermediate MSA Level II

Intermediate Arabic 202 students will complete chapters 4 to 7 in Al-Kitaab Part II. You will practice initiating, maintaining, and closing conversations on familiar topics. Chapter content includes biographies, literature, history, and culture, allowing students to begin discussing more advanced topics (political, economic, and social). 202 Arabic Syllabus Overview: This is a general schedule for 202 Arabic. Specific instructions for each week’s assignments will be provided by the course instructor. Al-Kitaab Part II, 3rd Edition Week 1 & 2: Unit 4 ترتيبات واستعدادات Week 3 & 4: Unit 5 تواصل وتفاهم Week 5 & 6: Midterm ( A take home) Unit 6 الهجرة أسباب وتجارب Week 7 :Unit 6 الهجرة أسباب وتجارب Week 8: Final Exam Book: Al-Kitaab, Part II Part III
Spring II
Tue/Thu 6:15pm - 8:15pm
ToBe Determined

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