102 Elementary Turkish II

102 Elementary Turkish II will cover the following subject matter and grammar topics:Topics - Families /Relatives/ Activities / Languages / Daily activities / Leisure activities / entertainment / Dates and times / Units of time, days, months, seasons / daily activities / cultural events / entertainment / sports and exercise / recreation / prices and shopping / Birthdays/ Education / places / directions / transportation / future events

Grammar - Negative questions with the verb to be / adjectives / the present progressive tense, the interrogative / the derivative suffice +CA / definite and indefinite direct objects / Vowel lengthening in word stems / European loanwords in Turkish / adverbs of time / the definite past tense / review of case endings /expressions of necessity/ secondary post positions / pronunciation of initial consonant clusters

Spring II
Mon/Wed 6:15pm - 8:15pm
ToBe Determined

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