Countering Terrorism

Wed, Oct 5th 2016, 9:31AM



The Middle East Institute’s Countering Violent Transnational Movements project seeks to examine and propose effective responses to the systemic and dangerous spread of powerful and violent non-state actors in the Middle East and North Africa region. MEI scholars will seek to collaborate with external subject matter experts in tackling this issue through four principal axes, beginning with the challenge of de-escalating regional conflicts and working towards re-building regional stability and order. Developing strategies for ending ongoing civil wars and rebuilding state authority and socio-political order will form another component of research, while addressing long-term and underlying drivers and destabilizers such as demographic growth, resource depletion and youth disenfranchisement will generate another. Finally, the project will also seek to map out violent transnational extremist movements across the region and to design tactics and strategies to confront, defeat or dismantle them within existing dynamics, while ensuring their future return is best prevented.

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