Nuclear Proliferation

  • Nuclear weapons, and the need to prevent rogue states and paramilitary groups from gaining access to them, have characterized much of the international community's involvement in the Middle East in the post-World War II era.

  • Article // Jun 03, 2014
    Allen L. Keiswetter
    At Disney World in the Hall of U.S. Presidents, each chief executive has a two-page entry, one giving his biography and the other his accomplishments as president. In President Obama’s case, the accomplishments will probably first feature domestic matters such as Obamacare, but on foreign policy, what he accomplishes on Iran will doubtlessly be on the list. So far Iran has been the one foreign policy issue that has required daily presidential attention since day one of his administration. As the negotiations with Iran on a comprehensive nuclear agreement pass their four-month mark, this analysis sets out where the negotiations are now, the prospects for a deal by the deadline of July 20, and the longer-term implications for U.S. strategic commitments to the Gulf.