Abou Elela Mady

Abou Elela Mady is the chairman of the New Wasat Party and a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Al Wasat Party is a civilian party with an Islamic point of reference which includes Muslims, Christians, and women as members. Mady is also the director of the International Center for Studies, a Cairo-based research center which focuses on the study of political Islam and Islamic movements in Egypt and the Arab-Muslim world. He serves on the board of the Egypt Society for Culture and Dialogue and holds a team member position in the Islamic-Christian Dialogue. In 1995, Mady ran as an independent candidate for parliament. He holds a B.A. in law from Cairo University and a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Al Mina University. Mady is the author of three books: Al Wasat Vision for Politics and Society; The Coptic Issue and Sharia; and The Violent Groups in Egypt.