Degang Sun

Dr. Degang Sun is Professor and Deputy Director of the Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University, China. He received his PhD in 2006, and conducted a post-doctoral research program at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University (2010-2012). He was an academic visitor to University of Hong Kong (2004-2005), Denver University (2007-2008) and Middle East Center, University of Oxford and Oxford Center for Islamic Studies (2012-2013). He was recognized as “the New Century Excellent Talents in Universities” (NCET) by China’s Ministry of Education in 2012. His research focuses on major powers’ Middle East policy, Middle East history and security. He has published three books and more than a dozen articles in leading journals in China and abroad. His latest articles (with Yahia H. Zoubir) are, “China's Response to the Revolts in the Arab World: A Case of Pragmatic Diplomacy,” Mediterranean Politics, and “China’s Economic Diplomacy towards the Arab Countries: challenges ahead?” Journal of Contemporary China. He is  also the co-editor of, Building a New Silk Road: China and the Middle East in the 21st Century (World Affairs Press 2014).


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