Meriam Sassi

Meriam Manell Sassi is a facilitator of international education efforts abroad and at home. A Program Officer for the Cultural and Professional Exchanges department, Sassi works on narrating the story of MEI's exchanges to a broader audience whether by working with the press to share stories of the program's fellows or leading impact-driven program evaluations.

Sassi joins the Institute with a background in education in peacebuilding, specifically exploring what happens to education in conflict. Her exploration has led her to investigate the impact of structural conflict in the form of poverty on education systems in Nairobi, Kenya; to facilitate childhood trauma workshops on the Turkey-Syria border in combat of the effect of violent conflict on formal education; to observe Tunisian and Algerian classrooms in order to analyze the residual effects of identity conflict induced post-independence; to assist in the establishment of the first graduate democracy and governance program in Tunisia as part of peacebuilding efforts; to create a security sector transition and reform curriculum for North Africa and the Sahel in regional reconstruction efforts; and to begin to triangulate the effects of gang violence across El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras on access to education. Also a facilitator of education inside the classroom, Sassi has also taught in New York City, Washington DC, and Ghanaian public schools at elementary and high school levels. and has worked on developed kindergarten and third grade peace and global education curricula for organizations such as the Global Sleepover and Peace First. Her programmatic experience is rooted in education program design and logframe development and her research focuses on the role of education in conflict prevention and resolution processes.