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About PrivateTutoring:

MEI offers private tutoring in any of the above languages to D.C. area students and professionals whose busy schedules are better served by the flexbility of private lessons, and/or those who seek a more intensive, customized learning format designed in consulation with their instructor. Tailored to meet individual student learning goals, private lessons are especially popular with employees of the Federal Government who need to reach advanced proficiency levels in a relatively short amount of time, and MEI maintains a good working relationship with many of these agencies such as the Department of State and the Department of Justice.

In addition to the standard forms listed above, MEI instructors provide tutoring in the following dialects, among others:

Levantine (Syrian, Palestinian, Jordanian, and Lebanese), Egyptian, Iraqi, Gulf, Morrocan, and Yemeni Arabic as well as Kurmanji and Sorani Kurdish.

To Begin Tutoring:

  • Click here to complete a tutoring request form. This form will help us pair you with an instructor that best meets your learning goals and schedule, and you will be notified via email once a match has been made. The email will also include instructions for retrieving your MEI Student/User ID, which you will use to purchase tutoring credits and schedule lessons.
  • All students who begin tutoring must purchase a minimum of 3 hours. Each in-person tutoring session must be a miniumn of 1.5 hours, while each Skype tutoring session must be a minimum of 1 hour.


  • On-site private tutoring: $55 per hour (conducted on-site at the Middle East Institute)
  • Off-site private tutoring: $65 per hour (teacher travels to student's desired location in the D.C. metro region)
  • On-site group tutoring:  $45 per hour (private lessons for 2+ students conducted on-site)
  • Off-site group tutoring:  $55 per hour (private lessons for 2+ students conducted off-site)
  • Skype tutoring:              $35 per hour

For more information on private tutoring policies and procedures, please visit our policies page.