Leila Tarazi has been an instructor at the Middle East Institute since 2004. Prior to joining MEI, Leila earned her BA at Bir Zeit University; M.A at City University and MBA at City University - London, UK. Leila spent a 25 year career in the public education arena. She has experience in language education at the elementary, middle and public high school levels. Leila’s experience also includes being an adjunct professor in Washington DC at George Washington University and Johns Hopkins University. Leila is currently working at The American University, Department of World Languages and Cultures and a consultant at the World Bank in the Language and Culture Training Program. Leila’s contribution to the education system includes her involvement in translation, reading, and conversational skills. Leila has acted as an instant interpreter and translator on countless occasions to diplomats and representatives of states as well as assisted in the rendition of many research articles, books and journals that are currently used as educational tools and references.

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