Thu, Sep 28th 2017, 10:13AM

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August 17, 2018 - Seven years after Syria’s civil uprising broke out, the war isn’t over, but it is entering a new phase. MEI Senior Fellow Robert Ford, the last U.S. ambassador to Syria, and Charles Lister, director of MEI’s Countering Violent Transnational Movements project, join host Paul Salem to discuss the state of play and how things may develop in the months ahead.

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Middle East Focus is a weekly podcast featuring discussion and analysis on U.S. foreign policy and contemporary political and social issues in the Middle East.

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Paul Salem is senior vice president for policy research and programs at The Middle East Institute. He focuses on issues of political change, transition, and conflict as well as the regional and international relations of the Middle East. He has a particular emphasis on the countries of the Levant and Egypt. Salem is also a musician and composer of Arabic-Brazilian jazz, including the song that plays at the beginning and end of this podcast. Find his music on iTunes.