Turkish winter landscape

Callie Fauntleroy / December 7, 2020

The holiday season is a special time of the year to reconnect with friends and family. With various festivities celebrated by a diverse population across the globe, we never seem to run out of different ways to wish others a Happy Holiday. This year, expand your holiday horizon by learning how to give a season’s greeting in Turkish, a language spoken by 75 million people!

Here are eight fun, common phrases to kick-start your Turkish language journey! To learn more about Turkish, take a look at the private tutoring and group class options that MEI has to offer here.
(Pro tip: the “r” in Turkish is rolled)

Enjoy the holidays!
Tatil keyfini çıkarın!
(Ta-teel kaey-fee-nee chi-kaw-reen)

Have a great winter vacation!
Umarım çok iyi bir kış tatili geçirirsiniz!
(Ou-ma-riwm chok ee-ee beer kiwsh-tuh-tea-ly ge-che-rear-see-neeze)

Happy Hanukkah!
Hanuka Bayramınız kutlu olsun!
(Hanuka By-rahm-enez kout-lou owl-soon)

Merry Christmas!
Mutlu Noeller!
(Moot-loo Noel-lahr)

Happy Kwanzaa!
Mutlu Kwanzaa!
Mutlu Kwanzaa! (Moot-loo Kwanzaa)

See you next year!
Gelecek yıl görüşürüz
(Ge-lea-jack yeal go-ru-shu-ruz)

Have a happy New Year!
Mutlu yıllar!
(Moot-loo yil-lahr) 

Best wishes for the new year!
Yeni yıl için en iyi dileklerimle!
(Ye-nee yıl e-chin een e-yee di-lek-lereem-lay)

Turkish has been spoken for over five millenia, and is an ancient language that is important to the global community. Turkey borders the Mediterranean and Black Seas, putting it in a very strategic position as a growing regional and global power. It also serves as a lynchpin for Middle Eastern, European, and global politics, making it an increasingly popular destination for government officials, businesspeople, and world travelers. Begin a new voyage this winter season by giving yourself the tools to learn this beautiful language and to spread some holiday cheer!