Group Language Class Tuition                 $490 (30 hours)*


On-Site Tutoring Cost                               $55/hour

OffSite Tutoring Cost                                $65/hour

On-Site Group Tutoring Cost                    $90/hour per group

Offsite Group Tutoring Cost                     $100/hour per group       

Skype Tutoring Cost                                 $45/hour

*Student will retain all purchased texts and supplemental materials.



Group language classes are taught on weekday evenings from 6:15 - 8:15 pm. Times are subject to change by term

Attendance Policy

Attendance plays a critical role in student success in all classes. Satisfactory progress is difficult without regular attendance. All students are expected to attend class and arrive on time.

1. If a student is absent for a total of three times per term, MEI reserves the right to withdraw the student from the class. If a student is forced to withdraw due to poor attendance, s/he will automatically fail the class.

2. For every three classes that a student is tardy, s/he will earn one absent mark on his/her attendance record.

3. MEI does not offer makeup classes in the event that a student is absent, and students are responsible for making up all missed class work and for coming to class prepared following the absence.

4. While MEI is serious regarding student attendance, we do empathize with students who encounter emergencies and are unable to attend class on a certain day. We do however require advance notice that a student will be absent in order to avoid an unexcused absence.

5. Teachers have the flexibility to cancel or re-schedule classes for various reasons, including to personally observe religious holidays. The only requirement is that they must still hold the minimum number of sessions (15) for each class.


The Middle East Institute uses the following letter grades: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, D+, D, D-and F. Students must earn a final grade of C- or better to pass the course and be eligible for higher level courses. Instructors record all student grades per term and issue a final grade at the conclusion of the class. All grades are submitted to the director before grades are issued to students.   

Grade Conversion Chart:

A      93 -100

B-     80 - 82

D+    68 - 69

A-     90 - 92

C+    78 - 79

D      63 - 67

B+    88 - 89

C      73 - 77

D-     60 - 62

B      83 - 87

C-     70 - 72

F      Below 60


An incomplete will be given in a circumstance in which the student has arranged to make up an exam or assignments with a teacher. Students are required to contact the Department of Languages as soon as possible if you intend to complete the assignments. All grades marked incomplete are changed to “F” if they are not made up by the start of the next term

Pass/Fail Option:

Students may opt to take their class pass/fail; they must earn a grade of C- (70%) or higher to receive a “pass”. Students must complete the Pass/Fail form prior to the term mid-point (8th class). Forms are available at the department office.

Auditing a Course

MEI prohibits auditing courses as it can have a negative impact on the progression of the class. A student may only audit a course with specific authorization by the Director of the Department and this will only be granted under special circumstances.


Courses at MEI are non-accredited. Weekday classes are equivalent to two academic credit hours. Per policy, credit is only accepted at the discretion of the institution to which the student is applying to or currently enrolled in. Transcripts and grade report requests may be submitted to

Student Progress Policy

In order to progress through MEI’s language curriculum, students must earn a minimum passing grade of C- for all MEI language classes.

Students must pass each prerequisite level to advance to the next course.

Students must begin at the 101 level unless they can demonstrate language skills that surpass the 101 level through a placement exam.

All student progress records are based on attendance and grades earned for each particular class in which they are enrolled. MEI staff tracks each student’s progress through its online tracking system. MEI will email official grade reports to students once teachers have submitted all grades to MEI. Students are notified of their academic eligibility status upon receiving their grade reports.



Private instruction at MEI is offered in Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew, Dari, and Urdu from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm on all days of the week.

Attendance Policy

If a student wishes to cancel or reschedule a tutoring session, s/he must request this at least 24 hours prior to the session. If the student does not cancel with 24 hours’ notice, they will be charged for the entire session.

Unused credits and prepaid classes will be forfeited six months after last attendance.

Student Access to MEI Facilities

Student access to classrooms is available 15 minutes prior to the class’s official start time. If students arrive earlier than this, they have access to MEI’s garden courtyard during hours that the library is open. While waiting, please remain quiet and be respectful of other activities.

Bicycles and Phones

MEI has a small bicycle rack outside the front entrance to the building. Bicycles may not be brought into the building. Students are not permitted to use MEI telephones.

Inclement Weather Policy

In the case of inclement weather, the Middle East Institute normally closes when the Federal Government is closed. Please consult your local news or radio station to determine if the Government is closed. However, if there is a storm warning please check our website and/or your email for information, as MEI may decide not to hold classes that evening.  If MEI cancels a class due to inclement weather, classes will be made up after the last scheduled week of class.

Withdrawal and Refund Policies

The Middle East Institute Language Class tuition fee of $490 consists of a $90 registration fee and a $400 term tuition (15 sessions for 30 hours total). Term tuition of $400 does not include the cost of books and materials which may be assessed additionally if required by the program.

Any student may withdraw from a class at any time and is eligible for a refund.

Full refund of $490 is issued when:

  • A course is canceled by the MEI subsequent to a student’s enrollment.

Refund of $400 (full tuition minus nonrefundable registration fee) is issued when:

  • A withdrawal request is received prior to the beginning of the first class.
  • A withdrawal request is received within the first week of the first class.
  • A student never attends class (no-show).

Prorated refund is issued when:

  • After the second week and through 50% of the period of financial obligation or 15 hours of instruction completed by the student, tuition charges retained by the MEI will not exceed a pro rata portion of tuition for the term period completed. An administrative fee of $25 will be assessed on early withdrawal or termination.
  • After 50% of the period of financial obligation or 15 hours of instruction are completed by the student, the MEI will retain the full tuition for the term.

Refunds will be calculated using the last date of attendance and be paid within 15 calendar days from the documented date the student gives written or verbal notice of withdrawal to the MEI.

Please allow 15 days for refunds to be processed and issued.