May 26, 2021
10:00 am - 11:00 am


Zoom Webinar

Most signs at the moment suggest that US-Iran nuclear negotiations are making incremental progress. There might be a deal, which would have to include the US lifting some of the sanctions on the country, while the government of President Hassan Rouhani is still in place. Alternatively, the talks can drag on for months more to come. What is undeniable is that the prospects of a revived nuclear agreement to be sustainable is best served by broadening the US-Iranian dialogue as quickly as possible. A number of issues will continue to pit American and Iranian interests against each other. On this list of disagreements, US-Iran competition in Iraq is among the most contentious. 

Can Iraq provide a platform for the US and Iran to co-exist? What other high-stake regional areas of competition could be impacted depending on the outcome of the US-Iran negotiations?


Amb. (ret.) Rend Al-Rahim
Co-founder and president, The Iraq Foundation; former Iraqi ambassador to the United States

Michael Rubin
Resident scholar, American Enterprise Institute

Ali Vaez
Senior adviser to the president; Iran project director, Crisis Group

Alex Vatanka, moderator
Director, Iran Program, MEI