Ambassador (ret.) Ramzy Ramzy assumed his position as deputy special envoy for Syria with the United Nations just over four years ago. Ramzy was formerly head of mission for the League of Arab States to Austria. He later served at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Arab Republic of Egypt concurrently to being the Ambassador of Egypt to the Federal Republic of Germany (2008-2012). Ramzy has served as ambassador to Brazil, Suriname, Guyana, Austria, and the Slovak Republic. As a permanent representative to the UN, Ramzy has served as the head of the Egyptian delegation in multiple conferences, committees, and organizations such as the African Union and the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries. Ramzy has previously served as Egypt’s governor in the International Atomic Energy Agency. At the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs his positions also included deputy assistant minister for disarmament and international security affairs ( 2000- 2003), and director for United Nations affairs ( 1991-1993).

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