Tamara Kalandiya is the chief financial and operating officer at the Middle East Institute. In addition to her finance role, she is the managing director of the Frontier Europe Initiative and the director of the Education Center. Mrs. Kalandiya holds a degree in economics and is a certified public accountant. 

Prior to joining MEI, while based in Amman, Jordan, Ms. Kalandiya held a position as a regional finance and administrative director in a global emergency response organization providing overall management and leadership for country offices in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel/Palestine, and Iraq. She led the start-up of an emergency response program in Gaza. During 2000-2005, while based in the Russian Federation,Tamara served as a head of finance for a humanitarian mission in the North Caucuses (Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Ossetia).

In 2013, Ms. Kalandiya founded the Academy of Georgian Heritage, a non-profit educational organization effectively coalescing the Georgian diaspora community and providing young generations of Georgians with a strong link to their heritage.

Contact Information

Phone: (202) 785-1141