What kind of writing sample should I include in my application packet?

The best writing samples are five-page excerpts from university-level papers on international relations or Middle East affairs.  It is not necessary to write a new writing sample for the application.  Writing samples longer than five pages will not be considered.

What type of college transcript can I include in my application packet?

We will accept official and unofficial college transcripts.

What is the process for intern selection?

All applicants will be sent a confirmation email of the receipt of their application materials, including notification of any incomplete or missing components. The Internship Coordinator extensively reviews all applications after the application deadline. Shortlisted applications are evaluated by the heads of MEI's different departments and are contacted for phone interviews. After the phone interviews, all applicants are contacted regarding the final results of their application.

What is the timetable for intern selection?

Depending on the volume of applications, short-listed candidates can be contacted for phone interviews as soon as 1-3 weeks after the application deadline has passed.  Final decisions are usually made 5-6 weeks after the application deadline. The timeframes are subject to change.

Can MEI help me get a visa to travel to the US?

MEI cannot sponsor visas for travel, study, or work in the US.  In the past, international interns have been able to work with us through sponsorship from established educational and exchange programs or US universities that they are attending.

How can I specify which internship(s) I am interested in?

You should indicate your preference in your cover letter. If you are interested in more than one internship, you do not need to submit multiple cover letters or applications.

Does the Middle East Institute provide housing for interns?

Unfortunately, while we can make recommendations on resources to use or neighborhoods to focus on in your search, we are unable to provide housing.

Can I intern remotely?

MEI currently offers in-person working options with a few online internship opportunities. Please check the description and requirements of each department.