Join us for a discussion with Adel Abdellatif who, in his capacity as Chief of the UNDP's Regional Programme Division of the Regional Bureau for Arab States, oversees its flagship Arab Human Development Reports. Mr. Abdellatif will be discussing the dynamics of change in an Arab world undergoing seismic political transformations.

The UNDP's Arab Human Development Reports flagged many of the issues that Arabs have been demanding in their recent protests - among them, more political say in their lives and more transparent and accountable governance. Abdellatif will examine the role of the international community in working to assist these transformations.

"I have often said that the most influential piece of writing of the last decade was a United Nations report, the UNDP's Arab Development Report, written by Arabs, that documented in granular detail the decay of the Arab world. Once Arabs began to focus on how stagnant and repressive their societies had become, it set off a chain of ideas and actions that I believe has led to the discrediting of al Qaeda and its philosophy and the rise of the Arab Spring." -Fareed Zakaria, CNN

Speaker: Adel Abdellatif