Rethinking a Middle East in Transition
Speaker: Wyche Fowler

Panel 1: America's Middle East Policy
Speakers: David Makovsky, Joost Hiltermann, Suzanne Maloney, Amb. Edward Djerejian
Moderated by: Amb. Barbara Bodine

Panel 2: New Approaches to Non-State Armed Actors
Speakers: Peter Neumann, David Kilcullen, Robert Malley, Peter Neumann
Moderated by: Roger Hardy

Keynote Luncheon Address
Speaker: Dr. Saeb Erakat

Panel 3: Shifting Regional Dynamics: Turkey, Israel, Iran and the Arab States
Speakers: Ömer Taşpinar, Alex Vatanka, Amb. Itamar Rabinovich, Shibley Telhami
Moderated by: Geneive Adbo

Panel 4: Reevaluating US Policy in Afghanistan and Pakistan
Speakers: Brian Katulis, Stephen Biddle, Paul PIller, Hassan Abbas
Moderated by: Caroline Wadhams