The Middle East Institute (MEI) and International Relief and Development will jointly host a discussion on the reconstruction of Libya following the fall of the Qaddhafi regime and the humanitarian dimensions of the rebuilding efforts. As the rebels root out the last of Qaddhafi royalists and regime strongholds, the question of Libya's future looms large. Shortages of fuel, food, and medical supplies are being felt by the civilian and military populations alike, and many are looking to the US, the EU, and other international organizations for assistance in the post-conflict stabilization process. US Ambassador to Libya Gene Cretz will examine the domestic, regional, and international implications of the humanitarian situation, followed by a panel discussion by Mark Ward and Travis Gartner on the conditions on the ground in Libya.

Speakers: Radwan Ziadeh, Ausama Monajed, Amb. (ret.) Theodore Kattouf, Andrew Tabler