Dr. Makram-Ebeid, along with ten other liberal and leftists members, recently resigned from Egypt's Constituent Assembly in protest over its Islamist majority, leaving only five women and five Christians remaining in the assembly. With the transition process in turmoil, a diverse coalition of Egyptian generals, liberals, bureaucrats, and judges are turning to the courts to attempt to diversify the composition of the Constituent Assembly, which is currently almost entirely dominated by Islamists - both Salafists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood. This highly charged political atmosphere is not conducive to consensus-building, and consequently the constitutional process is now on hold while all sides vie for authority and legitimacy. As Egypt heads toward presidential elections in late May, the country is fraught with political divisions and tensions stemming from, among other factors, a possible confrontation between the SCAF and the dominant Islamist group, the Muslim Brotherhood. Join us for a discussion of these and other issues surrounding Egypt's troubled transition to democracy.