The Middle East Insitute is proud to host Amb. Edmund J. Hull (retired) for for a discussion about his recent book High-Value Target: Countering Al Qaeda in Yemen. Hull's book tells the inside story of how al Qaeda's Yemeni safe haven was disrupted during Hull's tenure. A top counterterrorism official in both the Clinton and Bush administrations, Hull provides a detailed account of a team effort to build a strategic basis for US-Yemeni counterterrorism and to execute a broad strategy aimed at improving not only the security of Yemen but also its economic development.That strategy included launching successful strikes against al Qaeda's leadership; engaging in sustained, personal involvement in Yemen's remote tribal areas; and fostering Yemen's nascent democracy and civil society. Plagued by profound distrust, scarce resources, and constant threats, the US diplomatic team encountered numerous obstacles but ultimately positioned Yemen on a path toward enhanced security and modest political progress.