Ilan Peleg and Dov Waxman, authors of the book Israel's Palestinians:The Conflict Within (Cambridge, 2011), discuss their findings. One in five citizens of Israel are Palestinian. Often overlooked by outside observers, the challenges facing the Palestinian minority in Israel are an inseparable part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Resolving this conflict - a central concern of U.S. foreign policy and current international diplomacy - requires more than the establishment of a Palestinian state. The demands of Palestinian citizens of Israel must also be addressed. What does this mean for the country's future? Can Israel be a Jewish state and satisfy the needs and aspirations of its Palestinian minority? Ilan Peleg and Dov Waxman will address these and other critical questions in their July 25 talk. In their new book, Israel's Palestinians: The Conflict Within, Waxman and Peleg argue that a comprehensive and lasting peace to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict depends also on the resolution of the Jewish-Palestinian conflict within Israel.