Andrew Milburn retired from the Marine Corps in 2019 as the Deputy Commander of Special Operations Command Central, the headquarters responsible for all US special operations in the Middle East. As an infantry and special operations officer, he has had operational command at every rank, to include leading the Marine Raider Regiment and a multinational special operations task force given the mission of defeating the ISIS in Iraq.

Since retiring, he has written a critically acclaimed memoir, When the Tempest Gathers, and articles for a number of publications to include the Atlantic, USA Today, the Hill, War on the Rocks, the Modern War Institute, and Task and Purpose. He is on the Adjunct Faculty of the Joint Special Operations University and teaches classes on leadership, planning, ethics, command and control, mission command, risk, special operations, and irregular warfare at U.S. and British military schools. He is a co-host of the Modern War Institute’s Irregular War Podcast and Irregular War Initiative.

Bachelor's from University College London; Law degree from Westminster University
Master’s Degrees in Strategic Studies and Operational Studies
Graduate of the Marine Corps University and the School of Advanced Warfighting

Issues of Expertise
US Military, Defense & Security

Countries of Expertise
Egypt, Israel, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen

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Twitter Handle: @andymilburn8

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