Anthony Elghossain is a lawyer and writer based in Beirut. He advises non-governmental organizations on strategy, planning, organizational development, and substantive issues. Anthony is writing his first book, They Came in Peace: American Adventures in the Levant. Anthony focuses on the Levant, the rule of law, U.S. cooperation with states in the area, and American foreign policy toward the Middle East more generally. He was previously a Non-Resident Scholar at MEI, a program advisor at the United States Institute of Peace, and a non-resident fellow at the Atlantic Council. Before that, Anthony worked with non-governmental organizations to promote the rule of law in the Middle East and Africa and was a project finance lawyer at a global law firm. Anthony enjoys writing about American foreign policy and the states and societies of the Middle East. He has written for The New Republic, the Carnegie Endowment, the Atlantic Council, Roads & KingdomsHuffPo, The NationalThe Daily Star, and NOW.

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