Baindu Conté-Harvey is the Vice President of Finance and Administration at the Middle East Institute (MEI), where she oversees MEI's financial health, operational efficiency, and key administrative functions in alignment with the organization's strategic plan. With over 12 years of experience in nonprofit leadership, she brings a diverse background and a deep commitment to operational excellence.

Prior to joining MEI, Baindu served as the Finance and Operations Director at the Interaction Institute, spearheading initiatives to build equitable operations and enhancing the financial framework and assets of the organization. She has also held senior administrative, operational, and financial leadership positions at the Community Action Agency of Somerville, the Cloud ArtScience Foundation, and the Jamestown Community Center. These roles have enriched her knowledge and expertise in financial management, administration, and nonprofit leadership.

Baindu's continuous pursuit of learning and commitment to staying abreast of best practices in her field underscores her dedication to professional growth and excellence. With her extensive background, including overseeing AmeriCorps JumpStart and Community HealthCorps programs and lived experiences in Liberia and Sierra Leone, she brings compassion, insight, and a unique perspective to her role at the Middle East Institute.

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