2019 MEI Expansion Grand Opening

Join nearly two dozen U.S. and foreign corporations in the energy, defense, banking, consumer products, and engineering sectors that support the work of the Middle East Institute.

The Middle East Institute is proud to partner with some of the world’s leading multinational corporations in a variety of fields including energy, defense, banking, engineering and consumer products. The relationship between MEI and our corporate partners in many cases dates back 50 years; highlighting the importance of MEI’s role as an unbiased source of analysis in a region where our partners have significant business interests. MEI’s Corporate Council provides businesses with incredible opportunities to advance their business and corporate responsibility goals by engaging with policymakers, diplomats, and leaders and influencers from the region.

The Council Experience

  • Private, on-demand briefings from MEI experts doing research and analysis of the region’s most challenging issues

  • Access to our Board of Governors and International Advisory Council — including former policymakers, diplomats, leading philanthropists, corporate executives, and more

  • Opportunities to join 200+ events annually

MEI partners with senior executives and private sector firms through our Council, which comprises our most distinguished circle of supporters. Corporate Council membership provides benefits for executives who find our geopolitical analysis directly relevant to their business and philanthropic interests. Supporters tell us that MEI’s independent analysis helps them to check internal assumptions, gain valuable insights, and develop strategies to mitigate risks. Contributions to MEI made by corporate members support our work to advance the US-Middle East relationship. Donations are tax deductible in the United States.

Membership Brochure [PDF]

For more information and details about corporate benefits, contact Courtney Lobel at clobel@mei.edu.