Chloe Teevan is Head of Digital Economy and Governance at ECDPM, the Europe-Africa think tank. Her research interests focus on the geopolitics of digital cooperation, with an emphasis on digital infrastructure and governance. Chloe is regularly consulted by the institutions of the European Union and a number of governments, including the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Finland. She recently co-edited a volume on Europe-Africa Cooperation and Digital Transformation for Routledge.

Previously, Chloe was an independent research consultant and carried out projects with the Moroccan Institute for Policy Analysis, the British Embassy in Cairo, and the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, among others. She also worked with the European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) in London, where she focused on developments in North Africa and EU foreign policy options in the region. Between 2012 and 2014, she lived and worked in Cairo, where she was a project manager for the cultural foundation, Studio Emad Eddin.

Chloe holds a MA in Arab Studies from Georgetown University and a BA in History and Political Science from Trinity College Dublin.

Contact Information

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Twitter Handle: @ChloeTvan