Research Associate Professor Cristina D'Alessandro is a Senior Fellow at the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa (Canada), and a Research Fellow at the PRODIG Research Centre, at the University of Paris 1 Sorbonne. Prof. D’Alessandro is widely published in English, French, and Italian. Her research focus are urban planning, management and transformation; natural resources and environmental governance; political, economic and territorial governance; institutional capacity building and leadership.

With over 20 years of academic and policy research experience, she serves as an international consultant with international organizations, including the African Development Bank, UN-WOMEN, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, but also the BMW Foundation, and the Qatar National Research Found, inter alia. A former Scientific Manager at the French National Agency for Research and a former Professor at the Paris School of International Affairs (Sciences-Po, Paris, France), she holds a number of board membership positions: the International Advisory Board of the Canadian Journal of Development Studies; the editorial board of the journals L’Espace Politique and of African Geographical Review


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