Dina Rashed is a political scientist specializing in civil-military relations, state-society dynamics, and Middle East Politics. Her research on institutions of force probes how domestic and foreign factors impact patterns and structures of power between presidencies, and militaries and police forces as state organizations. Her work on state institutions is at the intersection of comparative politics and international relations, drawing upon experiences of political development in Egypt and the Global South. She is currently working on a project investigating Women in Uniform in North Africa with the European Institute of the Mediterranean. In addition to her academic publications, her commentaries on Middle East affairs have been featured in media outlets including the Washington Post and Foreign Policy.

Rashed serves as the Assistant Dean for International Partnership at the College, the University of Chicago. She also directs the Sawiris Program, an academic exchange program between Egyptian universities and UChicago.


  • B.Sc. in Political Science, Cairo University
  • MA in International Studies, DePaul University
  • MA in Political Science, University of Chicago
  • Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Chicago

Recent Publications:

  • “Geography, Resources, and the Geopolitics of Middle East Conflicts.” 2019. In Regional Security in the Middle East: Sectors, Variables and Issues, Bettina Koch and Yannis A. Stivachtis, eds. Bristol: e-International Relations Publishing
  • “Violence from Above, Violence from Below.” 2016. In State Terror, State Violence: Global Perspectives, Bettina Koch, ed. NY: Springer.
  • “The Egyptian Military and the Presidency: Continuity and Change.” 2016. In Egypt Beyond Tahrir Square, Bessma Momani and Eid Mohamed, eds. Bloomington, IN: University of Indiana Press.

Issues of Expertise:

  • Civil-Military Relations
  • Policing and Violence
  • Non-State Armed Actors and Security
  • Middle East Politics
  • International Relations

Contact Information

Please contact media@mei.edu or call 202-785-1141 ext. 241 for assistance contacting this expert.