Dr. Elif Selin Calik is the author of “The Renaissance of Smart Energy" and the CEO of Women in Smart Energy UK (WSE-UK). She provides ESG consultancy services to SMEs, banks, and other institutions specializing in energy politics, renewable energy, and climate change resilience. Dr. Calik has been a U.N. Climate Change Observer since 2015. During COP 27, she moderated the session “Road to Net Zero with Women’s Resilience and Smart Energy.” She has also worked with various governments in relation to the Mediterranean Maritime Dispute and Sustainable Investments. Dr. Calik is an executive member of the International Rotary Club, Environmental Sustainability Action Group, and in 2022, she gave an annual speech on “Women Empowerment on Smart Energy” at British National Liberal Club. Dr. Calik is an international TV analyst and has been interviewed by BBC, CGTN, TRT WORLD, and Bloomberg on the global energy transition.

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