Emadeddin Badi is a researcher and political analyst that focuses on governance, conflict and the political economy of Libya and the Sahel. He has worked with multiple development organizations as a consultant, with a focus on mainstreaming conflict sensitivity within the programming of post-conflict stabilization initiatives in Libya as well as providing analysis regarding local conflict dynamics in the country.
He often provides commentary and publishes papers, blog posts and analytical pieces regarding Libya’s political, economic and security developments, with the aim of informing foreign policy towards the country. Emad is also a UNAOC fellow with main pillars of expertise in the areas of migration, counter-terrorism and conflict resolution.
Licentiate from Tripoli University, BA from the University of Essex, MSc from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)
Countries of Expertise:
Libya, Sahel
Issues of Expertise:
Libyan politics and foreign policy, political economy and development, counterterrorism, migration, formal and informal governance

English, Arabic, French

Contact Information

Email: emad.badi@live.com

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Twitter Handle: @emad_badi

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