Emma Scott is the Iran Lead and Research Assistant at Project Alpha in the Centre for Science and Security Studies at King’s College London. Since 2014, she has worked as the Iran Assessor on two versions of Transparency International’s Government Defense Anti-Corruption Index. Between 2016 and 2018, she was the curator of the newsletter for the Swedish based European Iran Research Group. She has also held short-term appointments at the International Institute for Security Studies based in London and the European Union Institute for Security Studies in Paris, where she assisted the Senior Iran Fellow researching EU policy and sanctions policy towards Iran. She holds a BA degree in politics, and Master’s degrees in humanitarian action, international relations and conflict studies, and geopolitics. She speaks English, fluent French and some Farsi having studied it at the University of Tehran.

Her work has appeared in numerous outlets including the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Europe’s World, the China Brief of the Jamestown Foundation, RUSI’s UK PONI Nuclear Reactions blog, Lobelog Foreign Policy blog, World Politics Review, World ECR, amongst others.

Contact Information

Email: emma.l.scott@kcl.ac.uk

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