Hana Sadiq is an Iraqi fashion designer, specializing in the integration of Arabic art with contemporary haut couture. She holds a degree in French Literature from the University of Baghdad. Hana studied textile design, silk painting, and ceramics in Paris. Her publications include a book about the symbolism of Jordanian women’s tattoos, and another book about natural cosmetics used by Arab women. Her recent book is about Jordanian silver jewelry. She has lectured on Arabic silver and clothing both in the Arab world and in Europe and has written articles on these subjects for the Arab press. She has received numerous international awards for her work such as the honorary prize for international fashion in Moscow (1987), medal for best Arab designer in Athens (1989), four silver awards in Italy (1999-2001), and honors certificates in Paris (1998) and at the Saint Etienne Biennale (2002). http://www.hanasadiq.com/

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