Jana Treffler is an MA Student in political science at Freie Universität Berlin. She was an intern at the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) in Tunisia, where she started researching Germany’s security involvement in the region. She is co-author of a forthcoming paper on Germany’s Enable and Enhance Initiative in Tunisia to be published by EuroMeSCO. She is working at the foundation of Coop4Med, a Euro-Mediterranean Think Tank for young scholars. Her research interests are Euro-Mediterranean politics, migration, as well as feminist and decolonial perspectives in security studies. Treffler holds an interdisciplinary Bachelor’s degree in political science, French literature and public law from Freie Universität Berlin and spent two terms at Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis.

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Email: jana.treffler@fu-berlin.de

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