Kasra Aarabi specializes in Iran and Shia Islamist Extremism. He is also an analyst in the Extremism Policy Unit at the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change. Previously, Kasra worked as a researcher and coordinator for the UK House of Commons All-Party Parliamentary Group on Iran, and as a foreign policy researcher for former UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw, where he focused on issues relating to Iran and the Middle East. His focus includes Iran’s military and security forces, with a focus on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and the Basij; Iran and Shia militias across the Middle East; Iran’s domestic politics; the Islamic Republic’s political elite and Iran’s state-societal relations; Iran-UK affairs, as well as Europe-US-Iran ties. Kasra is a native Farsi speaker and holds an MA (Hons) in international relations and a BA in international politics, both from King’s College London. Follow him @KasraAarabi.

B.A. in International Politics - King’s College London
M.A. in International Relations - King’s College London

Farsi, English

Countries of Expertise
Iran & Middle East

Issues of Expertise
Iran domestic and foreign affairs, Iranian military and security forces (with focus on the IRGC and Basij), ideology and propaganda, Shia militias and Shia Islamist extremism, Europe-US-Iran ties & Iran-UK affairs 

Research Publications
Beyond Borders: the Expansionist Ideology of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Kasra Aarabi (Tony Blair Institute for Global Change)
Ideology and Iran’s Revolution: How 1979 Changed the World, Kasra Aarabi & Ali Ansari (Tony Blair Institute for Global Change) 
The Fundamentals of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, Kasra Aarabi (Tony Blair Institute for Global Change) 

Recent Articles
Post-Pandemic, Iranian Regime Highlights Its Revolutionary Colors, Kasra Aarabi & Saeid Golkar (Newsweek)  
Will COVID-19 inhibit Iran’s ability to suppress protests?, Kasra Aarabi & Saeid Golkar (Middle East Institute) 
Iran Knows Who to Blame for the Virus: America & Israel, (Foreign Policy)
Suleimani’s Killing Could Change the Middle East for the better, (Foreign Policy)
• Iran’s Regional Influence Campaign is Starting to Flop, (Foreign Policy

Contact Information

Please contact MEI’s media relations manager, Rachel Dooley, at rdooley@mei.edu or 202-785-1141 ext. 241 for assistance contacting this expert.

Twitter Handle: @KasraAarabi