Khaldoun Khelil is an energy and international security scholar with over 15 years of experience in the oil and gas sector. He has a master’s degree in International Security Policy from Columbia’s SIPA program where he studied intelligence analysis and the Middle East and his undergraduate work focused on counterterrorism, human rights and forensic science at John Jay’s College of Criminal Justice. 

Khaldoun has worked in many areas of the oil and gas sector including exploration, extraction, production, shipping, pipeline transportation, gas liquefaction, oil refining and product marketing. He has written on numerous topics including global shale oil production, asymmetric high technology warfare, counterintelligence in a democracy, and how global energy flows can shape regional and national security interests. 

Bachelor's from John Jay College CUNY, NY, NY, 2006; Master's from Columbia University, NY, NY, 2009

Countries/Regions of Expertise:
Algeria, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Occupied Palestinian Territories

Issues of Expertise:
Oil and Gas, Tight Shale, Shipping Security, Counterintelligence, Asymmetric High Technology Warfare

Contact Information


Phone: (718) 909 7878