Lawrence E. Butler received his BA and MA from Oberlin College and his PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. Trained as a medievalist with emphasis on Byzantine and Islamic architecture, Dr. Butler’s teaching and scholarly interests range across medieval Eurasia, from Iceland through China. He is particularly interested in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Silk Road connections between the medieval Mediterranean world and East Asia. He served as the Coordinator of the Art History program from 2002 to 2005. Currently, he is the Coordinator for the Ancient Mediterranean Art and Archaeology interdisciplinary minor. Dr. Butler has published articles and presented papers on the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and on the material culture of the trade routes of Asia.  His published studies of Islamic art include “Mosques and Muslim Identity along China’s Trade Routes” and “Putting the Silk into Silk Route Studies,” both in East - West Connections: Review of Asian Studies.


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