Mohsen Sazegara has been in different positions in the first decade of the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran, such as Head of Iran National Radio, Deputy of Prime Minister Office in Internal Political Affairs, Under Secretary of Heavy Industries, and CEO of the biggest government-owned industrial conglomerate, Industrial Development and Renovation Organization (IDRO). IDRO owns more than 140 huge manufacturing companies in Iran. He has been a deputy of the Iran Planning and Budget Organization and chairman of the board of the two biggest IT companies of Iran, DPI (IBM branch in Iran) and Iran Argham Co. Sazegara did not accept any government positions after 1988. He published 3 newspapers and 2 monthly magazines, which were all, shut down by the government. He was the founder and CEO and member of the board of Jamee - Rooz, the publishing company for these publications. He was an active and influential participant of the Religious Intellectual Movement, Reformist Movement, and the Green Movement. He left Iran in Jan 2004. He has studied Mechanical Engineering, Physics, and History and has been a visiting scholar at Yale University (2005-2006), Harvard University (2006-2007), and a visiting fellow at George W. Bush Presidential Library & Museum for 4 years (2010-2013). He is the president of the Research Institute on Contemporary Iran (RICI) now. Sazegara was born in Tehran in January 1955. He is married and has two sons. He is now living in a suburb of Washington D.C.   

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