Dr. Mussaad M. Al-Razouki has 20 years of experience in venture capital and private equity investment with a focus on healthcare and technology, shifting from an excellence in clinical practice and research to the management and financing of healthcare and education systems. A graduate of Columbia Business School, Dr. Razouki is the first-ever Arab national to receive an MBA with a focus on Healthcare Management and Finance. Dr. Razouki is a member of the Hermes Honors Society of Columbia Business School, an honor bestowed on the top 1,000 global alumni of the university. An Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon by training, Dr. Razouki has completed clinical rotations at New York-Presbyterian Hospital of Columbia University Medical Center, Harlem Hospital, Cleveland University Hospital of Case Western Reserve University, and Mass General Hospital of Harvard University. Dr. Razouki graduated with Cum Laude Honors from Creighton University with a Bachelor's in Biology (Ethology) and TPP (Theology, Philosophy and Political Science).

As an anatomist, Dr. Razouki has dissected over 37 cadavers and has worked as an Assistant Prosector at Columbia University under the late Professor Ernest Wilfred April. He is a published author on anatomical anomalies and has named four new anatomical features including the eponymous, Razouki’s Dorsal Callus and the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) Protuberance.

Dr. Razouki is the current Chief Business Development Officer of Kuwait Life Sciences Company (KLSC) where he is part of a team that manages local, regional, and international investments on behalf of the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), the sovereign wealth fund of the State of Kuwait. Dr. Razouki represents the State of Kuwait on the Board of Directors of the Arab Company for Drug Industries and Medical Appliances (Amman, Jordan), Tassili Arab Pharmaceutical Company (Algiers, Algeria) and the Arab Pharmaceutical Company (Khartoum, Sudan).

Dr. Razouki has authored three books, An Arab Science Spring,” “Dashing in the Desert,” and “Hybrid Healthcare.”

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