Niranjan Shankar is a non-resident scholar with MEI's Strategic Technologies and Cybersecurity Program focusing on great power rivalry, technology and cybersecurity policy, and U.S. policy in the Greater Middle East. He also works as a software engineer, and develops extensions to help provide zero-trust security and networking resiliency to applications hosted on cloud-based, distributed platforms. 

Niranjan’s work at MEI focuses on the domestic and international cybersecurity landscape and the intersection of global geopolitics and tech and cyber policy. He also covers how digital trade and commerce, overseas tech and cyber partnerships, and the race for digital infrastructure development will shape political and economic trends in the Greater Middle East and other critical theaters in the developing world, as well as the implications of these transformations for the broader U.S.-China rivalry. 

Niranjan’s other articles and analyses have been published by the Hoover Institution, the National Interest, RealClearMarkets, the Washington Examiner, Quillette, and several other outlets. Follow him on Twitter @NiranjanShan13.

Issues of Expertise:
Technology and Cybersecurity Policy, Cloud Security, Critical Infrastructure, Emerging Technologies, Digital Infrastructure, Internet Governance, Great Power Competition, Geopolitics, U.S. Middle East Policy

Bachelor of Science and Engineering in Computer Science from Princeton University, Certificate (Minor) in Statistics and Machine Learning. 

Contact Information


Twitter Handle: @NiranjanShan13