Zeina Moneer holds a PhD in environmental politics from Freiburg University in Germany. She was a Visiting Scholar with the Institute of Social Ecology at Alpen Adria University in Vienna in 2014. In 2018, She was a Visiting Research Fellow with the Nordic Africa Institute in Uppsala, Sweden. In 2020, she was a Visiting Fulbright Scholar with the Department of Political Science at New Hampshire University in the USA. She worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Research Institute for a Sustainable Environment at the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Her research interests include environmental movements, environmental justice, environmental communication, international polices of climate change negotiations and adaption, and sustainability transition with a particular focus on the MENA region.

In addition to her academic accomplishments, she collaborates with regional and international think tanks such as the Arab Reform Initiative and the European Institute for the Mediterranean. In addition, she works as a freelance journalist, writing for a number of Arabic newspapers and English blogs.

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