The Middle East Institute is pleased to announce the results of a nationwide public opinion survey conducted in collaboration with Ipsos. Among the main findings of the poll are the following:


  • 75 percent of Americans believe that the United States should remain engaged in the Middle East:
    • Half (50 percent) believe the United States should stay engaged in the Middle East, but let them resolve their own conflicts
    • Another quarter (25 percent) support not only staying engaged in the region, but taking a more active role to limit or end conflicts
  • 82 percent of Americans support U.S. engagement in the fight to defeat ISIS, but 73 percent believe the United States is not winning that fight
  • 75 percent of Americans support the nuclear deal with Iran
  • 73 percent support America’s military backing of Israel, and 54 percent favor pressing Israel to make concessions to the Palestinians for peace
  • 68 percent believe that respecting the Muslim-American community is key to stemming domestic risks, and 58 percent believe that countries of the Muslim world are allies in the fight against terrorism
  • Only 43 percent favor accepting more refugees from the Middle East

Please find the complete findings and details of the survey in this paper.

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