Oman under Qaboos: From Coup to Constitution, 1970 – 1996


book image: Oman under QaboosBook by Calvin Allen Jr. and W. Lynn Rigsbee II, ©2000
Shelved in the Oman Collection
Call number DS 247.O68A59 2000 OMAN

Oman under Qaboos offers a historical comparative analysis of Oman's modernization for those seeking to understand the roots of the country’s current domestic policy, and what distinguishes Oman’s development from that of its Gulf neighbors. The work begins with a historical overview of the politics of the state, the ruling family, and the traditional elites during Sa’id bin Taimur’s rule from 1932 to 1970, before charging forward to highlight the ways in which Oman most dramatically diverges from the rentier model associated with other Gulf states.

A thorough analysis is made of the country's political changes; the effects of the Dhofar war on military and security development; Oman’s economic strategy; management of natural resources and industrialization, noting the role of the private sector; the government’s “tight grip” on other aspects of society that include education and the transportation industry; and the role of tribes in society. The authors next turn to Omani foreign affairs, where “aspects of sultanic paternalism and rentier status mix.” The final chapter considers the implications of the November 1996 promulgation of the ‘Basic Statute of the State,’ which is still in effect today and operates as Oman's constitution.

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Constitutional law -- Oman
Constitutions -- Oman
Economic development -- Persian Gulf States
Federal government
Oman -- Economic conditions -- 20th Century
Oman -- Economic policy
Oman -- History
Oman -- History -- Dhofar War, 1964-1976
Oman -- Politics and government -- 20th century
Persian Gulf States
Qabus bin Said, Sultan of Oman, 1940-2020

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