Welcome to the home page for all resource guides published by the Oman Library at MEI! These guides are intended to help researchers of all levels to locate information resources on a variety of topics.

Many of the resources listed are openly available online; Oman Library materials are highlighted, and their use may be arranged with the librarian by email or phone. Other relevant resources with access limitations are only listed if their exclusion would be a disservice. In those cases, the location of the materials is noted since InterLibrary Loan is often one of several alternative options for access.

For those who are just beginning their research, these resource guides are intended to provide a starting point that gives an overview of useful and important resources. For experienced scholars, these guides may serve as a kind of checklist to verify that all relevant resources have been consulted.

The resource guides are updated regularly as new resources become available or are brought to the attention of the librarian, and in other cases, as resources become unavailable or are discontinued. The guides are works in progress, and the work is only just beginning. If you have a question about library resources, or if you are looking for further information beyond what is offered here, please contact the librarian! Reference questions are always welcome.

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  • Arts & Culture

    Arts and Culture of the Middle East and North Africa

    Resources relating to the region's rich culture.

    A Guide to Discover Podcasts

    MEI Art Shows

    The following resource guides were created to complement the art displayed in various art shows put on by MEI's Arts & Culture program. The season and year of the art show is provided in parentheses.

    Lebanon Then and Now: Photography from 2006 to 2020 (Summer 2020)

    In this Moonless Black Night: Syrian Art after the Uprising (Forthcoming: Spring 2021)

  • Collection Spotlights

    Collection Spotlights

    The Oman Library at MEI has historically published a number of Collection and Author Spotlight posts, which bring attention to various books, authors, and topics that may be of interest to researchers and casual readers alike. These posts, dating back to 2014, are currently being updated and will be re-posted throughout 2021.

    New and original posts will also be added to the Spotlights; the focus on recent publications will be balanced with older, important works. Through posts about literature and poetry by authors from the Middle East and North Africa, and nonfiction on a range of topics, the goal of the Collection and Author Spotlights is to provide readers with a deeper knowledge of current affairs and their history, as well as regional literature.

    All Spotlight posts will draw exclusively from items held in the Oman Library at MEI, and will include related reading lists and search tips with suggested Library of Congress Subject Headings (LCSH) for discovering similar items.

    Be sure to check back soon!

  • Government Publications

    Government Publications Subject Guides

    • Afghanistan Online (Forthcoming. Compiled by Daniel Diaz; edited by V. Jacobs)
    • Iran Online (Forthcoming. Compiled by Grace Brightbill; ed. V. Jacobs and D. Diaz)
    • Iraq Online (Forthcoming. Compiled by Kaiden Ketchum; ed. V. Jacobs and D. Diaz)
      • Iraq bibliography (Forthcoming)
    • Saudi Arabia Online (Forthcoming. Compiled by Kaiden Ketchum; ed. V. Jacobs and D. Diaz)
    • Language Acquisition

      Language Acquisition Resources

      The following resource guides are meant to provide supplemental or independent study resources for language acquisition. All languages taught at MEI will be represented below, in addition to other regional languages not currently offered through the Education program. Each of the guides features resources that are available for free online first, followed by those available at the Oman Library.
      If you would like to access Oman Library materials, please contact the librarian by email or phone.

      • Arabic (By Kaiden Ketchum and V. Jacobs)
      • Dari (By Daniel Diaz and V. Jacobs)
      • Hebrew (forthcoming)
      • Persian (By Grace Brightbill and V. Jacobs)
      • Turkish
      • Turkish, Ottoman (forthcoming)

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