The Iran–Iraq War: Impact and Implications

Edited by Efraim Karsh, ©1989
Shelved in the General Collection
Call number DS 318.85 .I69 1989

This book presents a series of essays written by 17 Middle East scholars—from Israel, Iran, Europe, and the United States—in the immediate aftermath of the eponymous war. The text focuses on five key aspects of the war: the domestic realities and implications for the belligerents Iran and Iraq; the regional influences and impacts around the Middle East; the broader influences and impacts for global politics; the economic implications and the strategic military developments produced by the conflict.

In aggregate, Karsh's book provides important contemporary perspectives on global impressions of the Iran–Iraq War’s effects. The Iran-Iraq War provides modern readers a glimpse into the thought process immediately following the 1988 cease-fire. This text, along with the other titles listed below, paints a telling portrait of regional and global contemporary understandings of the significance of the Iran–Iraq War, and when juxtaposed against more recent works, give insight to the evolution of those understandings over time. Taking the predictions cast across several of the essays, scholars may be able to analyze how these paradigms impacted—and were impacted by—subsequent political, military, and social developments.

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International relations and culture -- Iran
Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988 -- Influence -- Congresses
International relations -- 1980-1990
Iran-Iraq War, 1980-1988
Iran -- Relations -- Iraq
Iraq -- Relations -- Iran
Iraq -- Politics and government -- 1979-1991
Military policy
Persian Gulf Region -- Politics and government -- Congresses
Politics and government
Middle East -- Persian Gulf Region

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