The Alphabet: Reading and Writing

Omniglot Encyclopedia: Describes the locations where Dari (also known as Afghanistan Persian) is spoken. Includes sample texts, explanation of sounds, and video clips, with links for more information at the bottom of the page. The Persian page provides the general history of Persian (Farsi) and its variations, some information about the different alphabets used to express it.

Grammar and Vocabulary

The Yojik Website: Offers a comprehensive three-semester Dari course from the Defense Language Institute, complete with both teacher and student textbooks, as well as complimentary audio recordings and supplementary materials. Starting with the alphabet and sounds, and building in complexity, these materials are suitable for beginner through intermediate-level students.

Intermediate Dari for Peace Corps Volunteers: Available via, is the 1966 textbook designed for Peace Corps volunteers in Afghanistan wishing to improve their skills. It is divided into eight units containing lessons in romanized script and example phrases in Dari script.
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The Global Language Online Support System: A product of the Defense Language Institute’s Foreign Language Center, currently features 297 Dari lessons that can be downloaded as ZIP files.  Clicking on “Dari” and then “Search,” will lead users to lessons featuring vocabulary and conversation about various topics, including culture, news, recreation, and politics. Many of these lessons contain both MP3 and PDF files. 

The International Assistance Mission: Dari language resources include texts, reading and writing exercises, guided media exercises that utilize tv shows and children’s books, and more.

RAPPORT Dari Course: In order to use the content, users must first create a free account. Once logged in, students will have access to a number of resources providing information about the Afghan culture, and two levels of “Basic Language Survival,” which include topics such as greetings, expressions, food, commands, questions, military terms, time, and shopping, among others. Lessons include text and audio files.

Listening Exercises and Videos

TOLO TV: One of Afghanistan’s most popular television channels. They upload a number of shows to its website and YouTube channel.

BamyanTV: This Afghan news channel provides discussion of current, local events, and some popular TV shows.

Farsi Poetry اشعار وحکایات : This youtube channel features some of the most renowned literary Persian texts in a standard Afghan (Dari) accent. The poetry is read aloud while the words appear at the bottom of the screen so students can follow along.


Dari Dictionary: English-Dari and Dari-English search.

Afghan Dictionary: Dari-English dictionary, with keyboard, provides definition, translation, and romanized pronunciation.

Oman Library Resources

Some Dictionaries Available at the Oman Library

Dari Practical Dictionary, by Carleton Bulkin
New York : Hippocrene Books, 2012
Call number: PK6876 .B85 2012 REF


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