This is a list of lists, because featuring individual podcasts would be by nature duplicative and incomplete. As it is, the list will be updated as necessary. Here you will find lists of podcasts that focus on literary and culturally-focused content from and about the regions represented. Many are in the vernacular language of the countries represented but there are a number available in English; notes about language of the content represented will be included in each description. Many podcasts area available through multiple platforms including Google, Apple, SoundCloud, Castbox, and Spotify, and may be accessed for free. 

Middle East and North Africa regional

Hazine has published a list of podcasts on the history, current events, religion, contemporary art and culture from the Middle East, North Africa, the Balkans and the Islamic(ate) world more generally. Many of the podcasts featured on the list are in English, however there are a number in the vernacular language, including Arabic, Persian, and Kurdish. View list »


Sowt is a podcast platform that focuses on Arabic-language audio programs discussing issues relating to the Arab world and exploring “principles of equality, diversity, and human rights.” Through this website, listeners can find podcasts on a range of topics including food, literature, feminism, social media and conflict zones, small enterprises, the Coronavirus pandemic, and more. Many podcasts include descriptions in English as well as Arabic, although some offer descriptions and titles only in Arabic. Some podcasts are exclusively in English or Arabic, others feature a mix of languages. View list »


For people seeking Persian-language podcasts, My Persian Corner has compiled a list of podcasts that are targeted to advanced and native speakers on topics such as the retelling of classic folklore tales; the lives of Iranians, their food and culture; linguistics; music; and literature, including one focused entirely on the work of Ferdowsi as well as others discussing non-fiction works. View list »

PlayerFM provides a long list of podcasts all about Iran, its culture and history, as well as the Persian (Farsi) language study and its history. Many of the podcasts are in Persian although a number are in English. Topics include literature, poetry, food, pop culture, language, music, and more. View list »


Pealim is normally a website focused on Hebrew language study, with a focus on conjugation rules, a dictionary and conjugation tables of the most common (and trickiest) verbs. To supplement their web content, they recently posted a list of 10 Hebrew podcasts. Unlike the regular content, only one of the 10 is directed at language learners. The rest are native Hebrew speakers, covering a range of topics (discussing everything from tech industry to the Beatles) in a normal conversational tone. View list »


The website Podtail provides podcasts in a range of languages, which may be selected at the bottom of the page. At the top of the page, presents a row of Top Podcasts on a wide range of topics. You can scroll to the right on that page or view the complete list of 100 most-popular Turkish podcasts right now.



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