The Alphabet: Reading and Writing

Aspirantum: This blog post on the Persian alphabet discusses its history and relation with Arabic, in addition to providing the various forms of Persian letters and their sounds.

Easy Persian: This website gives a detailed breakdown of the different forms of Persian letters and the sounds they make

FC LangMedia: This YouTube channel includes some introductory videos providing a quick overview of the names and sounds of the Persian letters and how to write the “big” versions. Another video demonstrates how to connect the letters.

Omniglot Encyclopedia: Provides the history of Persian (Farsi), its variations, and some information about the different alphabets used to express it, though the focus is the familiar Persian script that was adapted from the Arabic alphabet. Includes sample texts, explanation of sounds, and video clips, with links for more information at the bottom of the page.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Persian Online--Grammar and Resources: University of Texas at Austin has created a thorough resource guide providing a long list of web-based supplemental materials for Persian students and teachers. Grammar resources include word order, adjectives, demonstratives, verbs, numbers, and more. The guide also includes short videos on culture, a list of proverbs with audio, vocabulary lists with audio, and quizzes. It also provides information about the alphabet and how to type in Persian.

Listening Exercises and Videos

All Language Resources: Has a list of the “7 best” podcasts for learning Persian, in order from beginner to advanced.

Chai and Conversation: Provides free content as well as lessons that must be paid for in order to access. The paid content is clearly marked. The free content includes listening exercises to teach students conversational phrases starting with beginner level greetings. Unit three includes grammar lessons (with audio) that discuss verbs, past and present tense, imperatives, and more. The units continue with cultural and conversational themes, ending with Unit 8’s “Vocabulary Sprints.” Another section discusses classical and modern Persian poetry, with the audio files and a transcript of the audio.

My Persian Corner: The Music+Lyrics section of this blog by an Iranian-American provides the music, lyrics, translation, and discussion of popular Iranian songs. The blog in general gives insight into Iranian culture.

Persian Online--Grammar and Resources: As described in the Grammar section, for people looking specifically for listening exercises and insights into the culture, the Culture & Video and the Proverbs & Maxims sections may be of special interest.

PlayerFM provides a longer and more varied list of Persian podcasts. Topics include news, music and culture, mythology, literature and storytelling, history, religion, science and technology, and more.


Aryanpour: A comprehensive English-Persian and Persian-English dictionary with other language translation options on the left-side menu. It provides translations, definitions, and synonyms.

Farsi Dictionary: This dictionary provides the English-Persian or Persian-English translations with explanation of part of speech, and example sentences.

LexiLogos: This website provides the ability to search several famous dictionaries including two provided by the University of Chicago: Sulayman Hayyim and Francis Joseph Steingass, among others. The Glosbe dictionary provides audio samples.

Oman Library Resources

Some Dictionaries Available at the Oman Library

A Dictionary of Common Persian & English Verbs with Synonyms & Examples, by Hooshang Amuzegar
Bethesda, MD : Ibex Publishers, 2005
Call number: PK6285 .A46 2005 REF

The Larger English-Persian Dictionary, by S. Haïm
Téhéran, Béroukhim, 1975-76
Call number: PK 6379 .H26 v. REF

Persian Vocabulary [Persian-English/English-Persian], Ann K.S. Lambton
Cambridge [Eng.] University Press, 1954
Call number: PK 6379 .L3 1954 REF

Some Language Acquisition Books at the Oman Library

A Grammar of Contemporary Persian, by Gilbert Lazard and Shirley A. Lyon
Costa Mesa, Calif. : Mazda Publishers in association with Bibliotheca Persica, 1992
Call number: PK 6233 .L3913 1992

Language and Culture in Persian, by Paul Sprachman
Costa Mesa, Calif. : Mazda Publishers, 2002
Call number: PK 6224.75 .S68 2002

Learning Persian (Farsi): Book One, by Simin Mohajer
Bethesda, Md. : Ibex Publishers, c2007
Call number: PK6235.M495 2007

Some Bilingual Books at the Oman Library

The Gulistan (Rose Garden) of Sa‘di, Bilingual English and Persian Edition with Vocabulary, by Shaykh Mushrifuddin Sa‘di of Shiraz and Wheeler M. Thackstson
Bethesda, Md. : Ibex Publishers, c2008
Call number: PK6541.G2 T 43 2008

A Millennium of Classical Persian Poetry, by Wheeler M. Thackston
Bethesda, Md. : Iranbooks, c1994
Call number: PK6416 .T45 1994

Persian Love Poetry, by Vesta Sarkhosh Curtis and Sheila R. Canby
Northampton, Mass. : Interlink Books, 2006
Call number: PK 6449.E5 P47

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