Abdullah Al-Jabassini is a Ph.D. candidate of International Relations at the University of Kent in Brussels, Belgium, and a former visiting scholar at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. Based on original data collected and events traced between 2011 and 2018, his doctoral research combines insights from conflict studies with anthropology and sociology and develops a theory that explains the creation of wartime social order and further accounts for the shifts between its forms in tribal regions.

He is also a researcher for the Wartime and Post-Conflict in Syria (WPCS) project at the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies of the European University Institute. His research focuses primarily on political violence, non-state armed actors, local governance, rebel-military integration, and the Russian and Iranian roles in Daraa governorate in southern Syria. 

Ph.D. candidate, University of Kent, International Relations.
M.A., Bahçeşehir University, Global Affairs.
B.A., University of Kalamoon/ Science-Po Paris, International Relations and Diplomacy.

Regions of expertise 
Southern Syria    

Issues of expertise
Political violence, rebel governance, wartime institutions, tribalism, peacebuilding and reconciliation, rebel-military integration

English, Arabic

Selected Publications:

Contact Information

Email: Abdullah.aljabassini@eui.eu

Twitter Handle: @Syrianzo

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